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The information on this page has been compiled from various sources in attempt to provide helpful tips for those who need it. As a result this page will be updated frequently. If you have encounter similar problems and found a solution that you feel would be of use to others, feel free to submit it. All materials on this page are subject to the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.
General Information
3. ATI Radeon 9000 video driver and some USB conflicts
4. Anti Virus Software expires after 1 year
5. My system is getting SO SLOW
6. XP and CD Writers
8. PC 100 and PC 133 RAM
9. All software works together ( NOT! )
10. USB Devices
11. Computer Maintence
12. Fujitsu Laptop Repairs
13. I just installed a Security Update and now can't get on the internet
16. Data Transfer
17. Old Scanners (parallel port versions)
18. Lost or Slow Internet Connection Using a Router
19. Need to bring in a printer for repair?
20. Power adaptors for accesories
21. Are you a System Admin and you want to disable Internet access for certain users?
22. How do I get additional service support via internet?
23. What is the CMOS password?
24. My computer is not working and I need it ASAP. Do you offer any express type service?
25. How long is the warranty on my computer?
26. Is the warranty on my computer transferable?
27. Does your warranty cover surge damage?
28. Do you make house calls?
29. Why can't I see the selection menu in the top right or bottom of your website?
30. Do you repair out of warranty monitors?
Software Trouble Shooting
1. My system is running slower and I have a large number of windows pop-up while on the internet.
2. When I click on MY COMPUTER I cannot open the (LOCAL DISK C:)
3. You cannot install some updates or programs.
4. Cannot send email with Norton AntiVirus email scanning enabled
5. Error Message: Windows Could Not Start Because of a Computer Disk Hardware Configuration Problem
6. You cannot print multiple copies of a Word 2007 document
7. Problems running ScanDisk and Defrag
8. Uninstalling updated Device drivers, system patches, or hot fixes
9. Why can't I get my new game I just purchased to work?
10. How do I disable the logon window at start-up under Windows 98?
11. How do I change the resolution on my computer?
12. My computer locks up randomly. How can I troubleshoot this?
Hardware and Peripheral Trouble Shooting
1. Can't restart or shutdown after installing the HP 9100 series writer software on Windows 2000 Pro?
2. Why is my keyboard not responding?
3. Why is my mouse pointer moving erratically?
4. Why doesn't my sound card play any sound?
5. Why isn't my microphone working?
6. If my printer is plugged into my external Zip drive that is plugged into my printer port, why does the printer not work when the Zip drive is off?
DISCLAIMER: The Origin of this information may be internal or external to Virtual Micro Technology. This information provided in this document is for your information only. VMT makes no explicit or implied claims to the validity of this information.

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